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Connect with the AVMA Trust to discover the right healthcare solution for your veterinary practice — now available in all 50 states, plus D.C. and Puerto Rico.*

*Certain restrictions and limitations may apply in New York.


An effective way to attract and retain employees

Multiple studies indicate that employees place a high value on employer-provided group healthcare benefits. Offering a robust group healthcare solution shows employees you care about their well-being and is an effective way to attract and retain them – especially in today’s tight job market.  

A personalized, solutions-based approach for AVMA members

Through the AVMA Trust Practice Healthcare SolutionsTM, the Trust works directly with practice owners and managers to find the healthcare solution that is best suited to the needs of their practice and team. Let us do the legwork so you can get back to doing what you do best: caring for patients.


An ongoing partnership

The group healthcare landscape can change drastically from one year to the next. The best solution for a practice this year may not be the best solution for next year. The AVMA Trust works with participating practices annually to find the best solution, based on claims experience and market forces.

Discover the Healthcare Solution for Your Practice

Partner with the AVMA Trust to provide a veterinary-inspired health plan to attract and retain talent.

Eligibility Requirements


​All licensed veterinarians at the practice enrolling in coverage must be active AVMA members.


You must have at least 2 enrolled employees (one of whom can be the practice owner).


You must contribute at least 50% to the employee rate on the lowest cost plan you select.


75% of all eligible employees must be enrolled in the plan (not counting those covered by qualified health plans).

AVMA Member Testimonials

"As soon as I reached out to the AVMA Trust Team I felt relief. I had been struggling to contact our current insurance broker and get the information I needed for renewal. When I heard our rates went up 38% and had two weeks until renewal, I really stressed. Kevin and Liz from the AVMA Trust to the rescue!
They had multiple options available, took all the time I needed to understand my options and answered all my questions!
It was such a smooth transition and they walked me through it all without feeling overwhelmed. And there was no break in coverage.
I look forward to working with them for years to come!"
 — Melissa Winiger
Pacific Animal Hospital
September 2023

"As an emerging group, we are not in a place to demand too much from [health] plans. [Our AVMA Trust] team of amazing individuals ensured that we not only had the best plan options by design but at a cost that was affordable to a new organization that is growing. When we seemingly hit an impasse with one health plan, the AVMA Trust team worked tirelessly to find another that would mitigate our exposure financially while continuing our commitment to provide great, affordable healthcare to our team.
The group of employees we work with are not historically provided health insurance, and, with the help of this incredible team, we were able to not only have an option for our employees, but we were able to provide an affordable option that reflects our commitment to excellence.
When I say [the AVMA Trust team] saved the day, I am not using hyperbole.
Thank you, thank you for caring enough to hire not only the best team members but team members who know how to deliver results that can literally impact the lives of those they touch."
— Tedd Trabert
Associated Veterinary Partners (AVP)
February 2023

"I have been working with Nathalie over the past two months and she has been very helpful and knowledgeable. We renewed our health insurance through the AVMA Trust and Nathalie has been a pleasure to deal with. I even called her at 4:00 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and she was able to guide me and gladly answered all my questions."
— Lynne Suga-Rafanelli
Red Fox Institute
December 2022

 "As a family and as a veterinarian we have had different insurance companies providing our health care throughout the years. BCBS has always been the best insurance company as it provides a broader coverage, multiple doctors within our network and excellent health care providers, as well as other procedures that are not included with other companies.
We are pleased with BCBS and will continue to use them as long as the cost is reasonable."
— Baruch O. Caballero, DVM
October 2022

 "The AVMA Trust made getting health insurance so much easier. They were always there to answer questions and patiently walked me through the entire process. I was overwhelmed with everything that went with health insurance and they explained everything thoroughly.
I really appreciate the AVMA Team for helping me through this process."
— Elyse Roseman
Mallard Creek Animal Hospital
July 2022

 "When we saw we were able to obtain medical insurance through the AVMA Trust we immediately wanted to participate. We currently have a PLIT policy and the good people at the AVMA Trust have always been responsive and easy to work with. The medical insurance process was straightforward and there was friendly help every step of the way. The policies we had to choose from were all great and we are extremely satisfied with our decision.
Now our employees have a great insurance plan and we can continue to provide fantastic veterinary care without the worry of illness or injury getting in the way."
— Thomas J. Keating
The Vet, LLC
May 2022

I would like to personally thank the AVMA Practice Healthcare Solutions team for their help arranging healthcare insurance for our business. They helped us sort through multiple options to find the best fit for us. In particular, Nathalie did an exceptional job! Her patience, dedication, and persistence allowed us to get the coverage we desired.
We are most pleased with the service we received!"
— Richard Panzero
February 2022

 "My practice's experience with the AVMA Trust (Practice Healthcare Solutions) program has been a very positive one. Guided by the very knowledgeable, caring, and expert guidance of Bradley Lockwood we were able to select plans that worked for our group.
We chose an HSA plan and two other plans that allowed us to meet the needs and budgets of our team. The coverage provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois was stellar across the three plans that we selected.
I really cannot say enough about Bradley. We would not have ended up with AVMA Health had it not been for the confidence that we had in him, his advice, and the product.
A very sincere thank you, Bradley, for making health insurance understandable and doable!"
— Robert Marrazzo
The Cat Hospital at Palm Harbor
January 2022

Discover the Healthcare Solution for Your Practice

Partner with the AVMA Trust to provide a veterinary-inspired health plan to attract and retain talent.


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